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photo of steely dave alternative wedding dj dublin ireland
  • Dave Acton aka Steely Dave


  • professional DJ for over 15 years


  • vinyl collector and obsessive music lover for even longer

  • Love all genre's & want to craft your perfect setlist that is never run of the mill or reliant on cheesy crowd pleasers 

  • I believe each event is unique & want my music to reflect your style

  • Love using my experience to read the crowd and shape my sets, while also being extremely attentive to your needs and requests in the run up to your event.

  • As a DJ I have been Rocking parties in Ireland, Asia, The UK, Australia and Barcelona for the past 12 years,

  • Held residencies  in many different locations around the globe (please check my gigs & residencies page)

  • My strengths as a DJ comes from the diversity and knowledge I have of music, which allows me to cater for any musical taste. 


  • The style of music I play on a given night will always depend on the mood of the venue I’m playing in, but I always pride myself in sussing out the vibe of the dance floor and make sure the crowd is dancing and enjoying my tunes.  I play a variety of styles which vary from disco, funk, hip-hop, soul, 60's, 70's, 80's, house and everything in between...

photo of steely dave alternative wedding dj dublin ireland





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