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I love funk, soul, hip-hop, disco, 80's, 90's, house music and even some "good pop music" but I also pride myself in not playing the same old regurgitated music that often get's churned out at weddings and events.   

There are some DJ's out there that don't have any problem resorting to dance floor "fillers" but if i'm behind the decks you won't have any guests jumping around the dance floor doing the YMCA or the cha cha slide. 

I'm definitely not a music snob by any means, but I want to make sure that your event goes off with with a level of style and class, and that's why I want to work with you before your event to let you know your in safe hands with your own personal musical co-ordinator. 

Details on the night

MY sets are always unpredictable, funky, unique and NEVER boring. I love challenging myself to explore different genres and have them tie in perfectly with each other to create a musical journey that will keep everyone on the dance floor.


While i'm playing, i am constantly checking out the dance floor to gage the mood of the crowd and keep the energy of my music perfectly suited to the dance floors needs and take it in the right direction.


I have a lot of experience playing many different genre's and in many different locations, and my music will always perfectly suit the mood of the event.


My music is never cheesy or cringey, and I am not the type of DJ who will be unnecessarily hogging the mic or arranging party games for the kids. This may suit some DJ's but I find that I am usually too busy spinning tunes and making sure that the dane floor is hopping. 

We all have our guilty pleasures and when it come's to party favourites everyone has their own. While I don't play the usual cheesy wedding music, I will cater for your personal favourites and guilty pleasures if they have been requested. I want to make sure that you have the most enjoyable experience possible during your event, and that means understanding that you will have your own unique musical requests, and even if they cheesy or unusual, they will have their right place on your night. 

But where I separate myself from other event DJ's is that I will perfectly incorporate your choices into a suitable and funky playlist, and not just blast them out by relying on tried and tested party cheese.

Getting your guests to include a favourite song on their RSVP is a great idea but don’t worry, we will vet them. We all know ‘Dave from Accounts’ wants to hear some Death Metal and if you say no then I won’t play it. This also goes for requests on the night. Trust me, you’re hiring me for my experience and I’m quite happy to say no to a request if I think it will ruin the dance floor or isn’t appropriate but if someone asks for something inspired I’ll stick it on – I love getting requests in the heat of the moment.

I encourage couples to send me as many requests as they like. Not to do my job for me but so I can build up a profile about the kind of people you are.
You are welcome to send them whenever you like.


Personal Service

I am your personal music manager and you can contact me at any time with suggestions or questions about music.
When your booking is confirmed you can contact me by phone or email as many times as you wish. I know how crazy planning a wedding is and you sometimes you just need some reassuring that things are all in order.





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