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Steely Dave posing with a rose at a wedding in Barcelona



I am and experienced bar, club and event DJ.


I will utilise my experience to ensure that you get a level of professionalism and service that will ensure your event is carried out in a unique and personal way, and is a break from the norm and the usual cheesy anthems.


But above all I am a very approachable guy and always happy and enthusiastic behind the decks, especially when catering for people's musical needs if I feel that it will add to the mood on the night. 

A bit about my setup...

I grew up playing on vinyl. I love the look & feel of vinyl's and turntables and for this reason I choose to play on two Technics 1200 turntables and a Pioneer DJM Mixer. 

As well as vinyl I also use an integrated Digital vinyl emulator called "Serato DJ" which allows me to choose from a limitless selection of music while still providing that authentic vinyl look and feel.

I feel that this is essential as I do not want to ever limit myself in terms of what music is available to me and the speed in which I can purchase and access it. 

However I also understand that some events will require a smaller set up space or more quirky space and for this reason I also have a DJ controller if needed. The controller emulates 2 CDJ's and a mixer combined in one, and produces the exact same sound as my full technics setup. 

Because I have already got a huge collection of music and the option to purchase any digital releases,  I am open and happy to oblige with any requests you may wish to send me before your event. This may be written in a an e-mail, a spreadsheet or even a Spotify playlist. Whatever the format - I'll have it on the night. 

There is no limit on the amount of songs you may want to send, but don't feel like to have to send over if you don't want - as my experience at reading the crowd will ensure that the right music and vibe will be created for your event. 

And as well as the track you DO want played, please don't hesitate to let me know any tracks you most definitely DON'T want played either. It's your event so this is also up to you :)

Steely Dave Dj'ing at the decks while at a dj set in Mundaka bar spain






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