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record being played on a technics 1200 turntable

The days of conventional weddings and events have long gone and nowadays people want an event that represents their own uniqueness and style. 

And it's my job to provide the perfect soundtrack for that. 

Just as venues, photographers and styles have evolved to become more modern, bespoke and unique, so should the musical accompaniment. 

As a DJ I am very comfortable playing in a wide variety of locations and to a wide variety of audiences.


I am passionate about music and I find the challenge of filling a dance floor and keeping people boogying all night long extremely rewarding.  


When your planning your event, you want to feel safe in the knowlege that you have chosen the right professionals to carry your day off the way that you want. 

This applies to every element of your occasion including the photographer, the caterer, the venue...but most importantly you want to know that the music and entertainment has been taken care of and will seamlessly tie in with the vibe that your trying to create and get the party going. 

Steely Dave dj'ing at a wedding at the ice bar barcelona
steely dave dj'ing on a rooftop in barcelona, spain

With years of playing in many bars, clubs and special events, I have honed my skills as a varied and versatile DJ. 

I have always prided myself of weaving and winding my way through many different genres through my usual DJ sets which can last up to 6 hours and seamlessly stitch together many different genres. 

I have a huge passion for all types of music and when i'm not playing it, i'm buying it, writing about it or trying to discover more if it. 

I'm always available at any time after your booking, so whenever you discover another tune you feel would be perfect for your personalised playlist, then please feel free to get in touch and let me know. Even if it's just to add one extra song, I'm always buzzing to know people are getting the exact music that means everything to them!

My broad taste in music means that I can specialise in couples who are looking to put a unique spin on their reception and party.

If you love music, then chances are you will love the music I play. You will hear music that you know but it won't be the usual cheesy soundtrack that people have come to expect from event DJ's. 

I always take a huge pride in my work I have a natural ear for the right musical tone and setting the right vibe - whether that's catering for the chilled out cocktail hour or full blast on the dance floor. 

I want my set to be the perfect centre piece for your occasion and it's my aim to have you and your guests still tapping your toes and humming my tunes for days after the party's ended!





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