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Dj gig with two technics 1200's, a pioneers djm mixer and serato dj software

My gear is all industry standard equipment that looks great and sounds incredible (especially for a wedding DJ). It is also neat and tidy and compact.

While I prefer to use turntables we can use a DJ controller if your venue is small or you require a quicker setup or are just not as geeky as us about the decks I am.

2 x Technics 1210 Turntables

Special Edition Red Vinyls

Ortofon Concorde Pro Stylus

Pioneer DJM mixer

RANE – Serato DJ mk2 software

Apple Macbook Pro 

PA System:

DJ Controllers:




Alto TX15 Powered Speakers 

Alto TX15 stands

DM – 20SL Uni-Directional Microphone 

Numark Mixtrack Pro

Pioneer DDJ SB2

A DJ controller is a great solution for quick setups or venues where space is limited.


They work just like CD players and have the same high quality sound and DJ performance experience.

a great picture of my pa soundsystem which consists of two alto tx15 speakers and stands
i also offer the use of dj controllers, like this numark mixtrack pro. They are useful for smaller wedding venues

1byone crystal circular led dome disco dj stage light

PMS Music Active Dual Rotating LED Stage Lighting

Mini Holographic Laser Star Projector

LED Mood Light Sphere

I use the 1byone crystal globe in my dj sets. they are perfect for alternative weddings in ireland





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